Herd Instinct

The world establishment is going apoplectic about Trump pulling the US out of the Paris Accord. Even normally-moderate news channels are broadcasting lectures instead of reporting news, scarcely able to contain their rage. It is as though a country in the Arab Middle East said it did not believe in Islam any more.

There are other views, of course.

Trump is not an ideal POTUS, but it would take a genius to be wrong about absolutely everything. And anyway, it will scarcely matter. The idea that Paris would “save the planet” was always nonsense. Civilisations will continue to seek new and better ways of producing energy than burning stuff or relying on windmills.  Meanwhile, exceptional weather events have fallen to below average, the global warming of the last century has pretty much stopped, and the unusually high levels of CO2 in the atmosphere has led to record levels of agricultural prosperity.

There are bigger problems.


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