Wrong, wrong, wrong

Unhappily, I am going to have to admit that I was wrong about Brexit.

I and many others well informed about UK and European affairs, took the view that effect of Brexit on the UK would be relatively marginal. The EU is a relatively small proportion of the world market, and the UK is going to continue to trade with the EU in any event. Happily, the UK never joined the Euro, and so the problems that being yoked into that currency has caused countries like Greece were not going to affect the UK anyway.

We expected, of course, some whingeing from whichever side lost the referendum. If the country had voted to stay in the EU, there would have been some predictable moaning in the pub from the Brexiteers. And the lovies were hardly going to be happy with a vote to leave.

But what we wholly underestimated was the sheer volume and persistence of the moaning from the Europhiles.  It is at a level that is causing real damage to the nation’s health. For the Europhiles, their blood-pressure must be going through the roof: their hands are trembling and you can see the veins standing out on their foreheads. For the rest of us, our ears are aching, and we are regularly reduced to nausea as we hear yet another washed-up politician or journalist whinge on about how ghastly it all is.

Part of the problem, of course, is the massive majority that Theresa May is likely to achieve in the forthcoming general election. Without an effective opposition in Parliament, all sorts of individuals and organisations take it upon themselves to wag their fingers at the government.

DianeIt is a pretty dismal landscape.  The prospect of Diane Abbott being interviewed again on the radio or TV is one of our few chances of a decent laugh.



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2 responses to “Wrong, wrong, wrong

  1. 1 My blood pressure is fine
    2 My hands are not trembling (yet; I’ve only had two glasses of rosé thus far)
    3 I’ve had my varicose veins done on the NHS
    4 I also think that you are mistaken
    5 Don’t count Theresa’s chickens just yet (as The Trump said about the “polls” being against him: “Yes they’re a dangerous people and I will repatriate them to Warsaw”!!!)
    6 I’m off to the pub now
    Onwards and upwards!

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