Warming Old Scottish Tales

stonesThere has been some interesting archaeology coming out of Orkney, and particularly the Ness of Brodgar, recently. And some evidence that Orkney might have been at the cultural centre of Britain a few thousand years ago. Developing the technology that led to Stonehenge.

But why? It’s frigging freezing there!

But here’s the thing. In those days it was quite a bit warmer. Much warmer than today. So quite pleasant.  Despite what the bat-shit crazy neo-religious scare mongers are trying to tell you, the ice core data from Greenland (quite a good proxy for the Orkneys) tell us that the Medieval Warm period (when mankind flourished) was warmer today. And the Roman period (when mankind flourished) was even warmer than that. And the Minoan period (ditto) (ditto).


So, some thousands of years ago, the Orkneys were quite a bit warmer and more pleasant than today. Which is why the people there then flourished.

Quite why the bat-shit crazy neo-religious etc etc are trying to persuade us that we should beggar ourselves in the effort to prevent us ever returning to the sort of climate that people flourished in is a bit of a mystery. Especially as we will be heading into the next ice age some time which might be soon or (if we are lucky) not for a little while yet.






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