An Anthropomorphic Flight of Fancy

We are not hooded plovers.her hoodie

But if we were? Would be prefer to picked up and petted like a stuffed toy?

their hoodieAnd hounded by eager groups of the hoodie huggers[1]?

And have bands fixed onto our legs (they might look quite small bands to us.  But to a hooded plover, these things must be a real burden)?

Well, the evidence is that, if you were a hooded plover, you would probably do a runner, back to Tasmania. There, it seems, foxes have been entirely or at least substantially eradicated since about 2011. And if you are a hooded plover, foxes are very bad news. The Parks & Wildlife Service report that the fox has, in Victoria,

… known to have caused the extinction of six mammals and is currently causing the near extinction of the:

  • hooded plover

As in Victoria, there are lots of foxes around here in South Australia. I regularly see them on my property, just above Myponga Beach.  So it is hardly surprising that the plovers prefer Tasmania (there are thousands of them there, where their conservation status is “secure”) and only an unwise few brave the hardships of both hoodie huggers and foxes on the Fleurieu Peninsular.

There is a story of a drunk man at night.  He has lost his keys. He looks for them under the only street light. It is not where he dropped them, but it is the only place where he can see. So that is where he looks.

The hoodie huggers cannot do anything about the foxes.  Or another of the plover’s other big enemy – gulls. But they want to pursue their obsession. So they are trying to ban dogs from beaches around here, on the mainland.

The hooded plovers themselves are proving uncooperative to the hoodie huggers’ cause. This evening, for example, as I took my dog for a run on the beach, they had no idea that they were supposed to be threatened by her. She ignores them, and they ignore her. They do not even bother to walk away, let alone fly away, as she runs past them.

Neither do the plovers cooperate with the Council as to where they are supposed to be. The latest proposals from my local Council are to try to restrict dogs to the North end of this small beach, to keep them away from the plovers. But the plovers tonight were … you have guessed it already … up at the North end of the beach.

Live and let live is a useful principle, which dogs and plovers adhere to.  But not the Council, or the hoodie huggers.

I pay a lot of tax.  It is galling to see it being spent on things which do damage, instead of something useful.



[1] Aka MyHoodie, or BirdLife Australia.


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