Comments on Freedom for Fleurieu Dogs

Over 500 people have now signed this petition. Some of the comments are as follows. I have not sought to edit them in any way. Nor have I removed any negative comments – there have been none. I have removed some comments in foreign languages because I have no idea what they mean.

Additional comments: At the end of this post, I have picked up in green some of the comments which I now learn were made in response to the Council’s limited consultation exercise last year. These ones are edited – they cover a multitude of other views about vehicles on beaches etc.

The Comments:

Latest Comments:

This is unfair on both the dogs and their owners – like people on the beach, dogs should be allowed to run freely, and I’m sure they aren’t going to cause any problems.  If they were previously allowed to run freely, why the sudden change?  Free the doggies!

Councils generally need a wake-up call.  Their purpose is to represent the interests of their constituents fairly and sensibly, not to place yet another layer of ill-conceived and often downright silly rules and regulations on an a population already overburdened by a Nanny state mentality.   The fact that some mother’s children are scared says more about the mother than dogs on the beach.  Four legs, good.  Two legs often really stupid…

Be civilised. I reside n Australia and we have many designated dog ie leash free beaches.These are very popular and work well.Become civilized and educated!

I can’t believe this! We like to stay down Yankalilla because our dogs can enjoy the beaches as much as we do. Surely this ban will affect potential tourist stays?

Shared beach time with dogs is a reasonable (and joyous) outcome observed by Councils across Adelaide.  I suggest that Councillors visit the very happy, busy, dog inhabited Henley/grange beaches on a Busy Saturday morning- clear evidence that people and free roaming (under effective control) dogs co- habit well.  Dogs need to run, socialize and swim freely.  Do not take this opportunity from dogs and their owners.  For what justifiable reason?

Dogs should be able to run like they are meant to. No way could people run enough to provide sufficient exercise for these animals..

Absolutely.  Just why has this happened?  Dogs love the beach…….

We are sooo overregulated in the WRONG things in this country.  Walking off-leash with my dogs is a life-long dream for me and we CANNOT decrease the number of the these areas for those lucky enough to live near one.   These promotes mental health and well being for not only the owners but their beloved pets as well.

It’s our feckless bureaucratic eejits that should be kept on a leash. Many of them also need muzzling. If they have nothing better to do than this they should be unemployed. Must go now, my B.S. filter needs cleaning.

Dogs and humans have always walked together and this is an attack on the freedom of both to enjoy life.

I have friends who are being affected by this new by-law.

Whats the point of (to a dog) of a sedate stroll.A dog wants to run and splash and chase other dogs.

I have lived on Sampson road for 23 years and have taken my border collie to the beach many a time and let her have a run and NEVER had an issue, most times there have been other people with their dogs doing the same thing. As long as we all respect each other and the environment. I can’t see the problem.

We have by-laws for everything now.m Where is the reasonableness.

It is reasonable for responsible dog owners to have their dogs off the lease in off-leash allocated areas

As a responsible dog owner, I find this decision outrageous.

I believe the new ruling is unwarranted given that so much of the year the beaches are habited by only dogs and their owners. A more flexible approach could have been reached. Also I think the council was very underhand in the way they went about this and did not give the majority of dog owners any say. I don’t think the council promoted this to the wider community, it was not raised in the local paper in the lead up to the council decision and therefore made it very difficult for all points of view to be given. I think it is a very biased and one sided decision that should be revoked at.


This is crazy instead of banning something link up with local
Dog schools who can have some sort of initiative to teach the dog owners who you are worried about because the majority of dog owners who walk the beaches with their dogs in the morning are good people and many many of them clean up the beach picking up garbage in the mornings that has been left there form
The night before !!! What a crazy idea to ban them
It’s a weak response with limited thinking you have an opportunity to create and active place to live with a good community culture with agility events etc to draw people
In and instead you are banning it – it’s a cheap way out – do
Some work and come up with a community engagement plan that actually contributes to the environment teaches and empowers people don’t just take away their opportunities due to perceived issues or the inability to find healthy cohesive engaging solitons

Dogs play a very important role in keeping their owners fit & healthy & thereby save the health system precious dollars. By preventing dogs from getting out & exercising, you will also prevent their owners from doing the same. Walking a dog along the beach pro rides a huge boost to both mental & physical health of both dog & human & should be encouraged, not legislated against.

Why stop the pleasure that dogs and their owners get from some freedom to run on our beaches?

Dogs and owners are having more and more restrictions placed on them. Dogs need the freedom to have areas where they can run free!

Penalise the irresponsible dog owners. Don’t penalise responsible dog owners or their dogs. They need off lead runs for their health and wellbeing

I will no longer plan holidays to the area. One of the attractions is the freedom to walk my dogs off lead – without bothering anyone – when on holiday
Why fix what ain’t broke? More anti-dog regulations that are inappropriate

A short sighted and irresponsible decision.

All the idiots come with stupid laws! Shame on them!
Please sign, thank you!

One of the reasons I moved down here was because of the freedom on the beaches for me and my dogs. A lot of the time there is no one on the beach- so why cant we let them off lead. I never go when it is busy with tourists.

Dogs cannot possibly be exercised whilst tethered to a lead. Let them run freely as nature intended. End thgis ridiculous bye-law NOW.

I know how much one resident loves walking his dog on the beach and how sad it would be if this facility was removed.

Let the animal live

I think it’s ridiculous, to stop dogs on the beach, dogs need excercise, and where better than a beach as long as owner’s do the right thing and clean up after their dogs and also show they are responsible dog owners. Definitely a nanny state……

Dogs need to have the freedom to run, sniff, dig and socialise on our beaches. As long as they have been raised to be well-behaved and social dogs, then there shouldn’t be an issue with having them off lead.

I live in the Yankalilla council area and now have to go to Onkaparinga to walk my dogs on the beach during tbe day. This also means that I get my coffee outside the area & often do my shopping too – not good for the local economy.

Big Brother ruling the roost! If beaches have been available for dogs to run freely, what a dumb idea it is to prevent them doing so now. They need exercise! Maybe the Council should promptly build a Dog Park in the area to accomodate free running for dogs (if they are suited to such areas). When the betterment of animals is now being acknowledged, Yankalilla District Council seem to be putting their heads in the sand and their bums up . What a load of rubbish!

Dogs need off lead exercise

My dog is my constant companion
They allow dogs on planes in department stores in France.
Most people love dogs enjoy meeting them on walks etc.
My dog has been my constant since being diagnosed with cancer
We are being over regulated in this country
We need less laws not more

of course it is okay to allow the dogs to run on beaches

I go to the beach down there some days and believe the council’s intended banning of dogs off leash is an overreaction to a few loud voices. People will always have to be sensible about encountering dogs and most dogs are just so happy they don’t bother anyone

Allow dogs on the beach but educate their people. One council in Adelaide is providing seminars to help owners understand their dogs. Don’t punish dogs by depriving them of what they need. Rather, educate owners so dogs can have a better life

I am a trainer and well aware of the importance for dogs and humans to enjoy the simple pleasure of freedom on a beach

The Victor Harbor Council [ with the highest rates in the State] also has this unbelievably stupid by law because a dog once had a fight with another dog!!!

Running along the beach and splashing in the water is pure pleasure for dogs – if they are not aggressive why spoil that?

It is an essential and fundamental issue of freedom of access and use for people to be able to allow their dogs to run freely on the beach. We are not a Police State….yet.

Dog owners everywhere must unite against repressive anti dog laws

Dogs play an important part in peoples lives and exercising them down the beach is as beneficial to the well being of the owner as it is to the dog

There are few places dogs have been allowed to run about when not restrained. As long as the dog is not aggressive where is the harm?

I have a dog who deserves to run free with her ears flapping in the sea air…

I believe over regulation of what should be ordinary freedoms of members of the public should be resisted at all times. Local Government oversteps the mark and responds to vocal minority groups on too many occasions to the detriment of the majority.

I believe that this is an unnecessary and unacceptable curtailment of the freedom of individuals to engage in pleasurable and healthy (for both human and dog) pursuits

I like dogs to have freedom of expression as long as their responsible owners accompany man’s best friend.

Restricting the freedom of dogs to roam free will negatively affect their and their owners sanity .

Taking the dog for a walk on the beach is one of life’s simplest and greatest pleasures. To ban dogs from beaches would be a small minded mean move that would cause great upset to many.

I don’t go to Yankalilla beach with my two dogs .someone had a dog on a lead and it went in attack mode on my dog one day, at Normanville beach.Goolwa beach is a good place where dogs can roam free under command.

Keeping a dog on a lead where they pose no issue is similar to keeping them in a cage at a zoo. It’s cruel.

too many by-laws are passed without consultation with the people affected.

Because walking dogs on the beach is a real pleasure in life for the human and the canine!

There is nothing that makes me smile brighter or harder than seeing a dog having the time of its life.

Dog owners here in Nice suffered the same discrimination until we adopted a proper French revolutionary approach and organised a beach invasion- armed with pooper scoopers to show how responsible we are. Come on Aussies don’t just petition overthrow the dictators.

I want my dog to run free on the beach and trust that other dog owners will be responsible.

Another absurd example of Nanny Statism. No doubt hatched by some petty local government apparatchik…

There must be a better way of reconciling the needs and interests of all beach users

A minority of people either ignorant of or isolated from the world outside their urban bubble, scared of everything they do not understand, should not be able to cater to their fears by restricting the rest of us in the enjoyment of life. My dog is my best friend, with a few exceptions, and I do not see any realistic basis for this restriction.

Our dogs need to have places to be able to run off-leash and play in the water.

It is ridiculous that an animal that has every right to enjoy the freedom of running is banned from the beach. What will be next is a huge problem with obese dogs on the streets as there is no where left to run!

I’m passionate about this issue

Other comments received by email etc

Don’t give up, keep on with this. We should have a public meeting as there are less than 5000 in the entire Council district and as you say, over 500 have signed the petition. That means there would be more than 500 who support it as many people are not aware of the petition.

Infuriating. I hope you will be challenging said expiation notice.

I didn’t know Australia was a police state… I might bring the poodles for a visit just to get up their noses…

For heavens sakes!! You would be far more scary than perdita and I gather no-one is banning you from the beach😀. That is a completely ridiculous decision, clearly made by people who dislike dogs. How incredibly annoying.

Oh that’s ridiculous. Poor perdita, very unfair

Councils are allowing less and less areas for people to exercise their dogs whilst restricting them to on leash as well. That is NOT how to exercise a dog. They need to run free and regularly return to their owner for reassurance.
Keep the beaches in quiet places as areas for dogs to be off leash.

Humans in power (not all) but some – generally, think that they can restrict general living for others
and they do that by interfering in matters that they themselves don’t indulge in
Maybe they would like dogs to be not seen at all?

I hope your petition goes well for you, Perdita and everyone and every dog in Fleurieu

Thank you Robert for making me aware.

The Victor council has the same stupid by-law.

Its as important for us as it is for the dogs!

Good luck, I really hope sense prevails.  It is such a joy watching a dog run on a beach.

silly buggers of course Perdita and her friends should run on the beach.  sheesh.

Signed Robert & I’ll forward to friends on the Fleurieu.

Just signed away – surely they could do a sensible compromise at least – my beach (Suburban Bayside in Melbourne) has off-leash for all of the winter months on the whole of the beach and then restricted hours in summer (early morning and evening) – except for “dog beach” which is 100 metres away from the main beach – which is off-leash all year!

I hope sense prevails.

so long as the dog isn’t known to be vicious to either other dogs or humans, I do not see why they shouldn’t be able to run off-leash in designated areas.

I totally agree – and in the Parklands too.  We willingly risk being fined on a daily basis, choosing to allow dear [name removed] to run free and enjoy life (as he should be able too).    I will sign on!

I am absolutely outraged that the council have proposed new restrictions on dogs at Carrickalinga beach where dogs have to be ON LEADS AT ALL TIMES ALL YEAR. Carrickalinga is the most beautiful beach and is always so clean and free of rubbish and dog poo as the residents are scrupulous in maintaining the extreme cleanliness. I walk our dogs on the beach every day as do many residents and other families who come to their beach house every weekend. One of the reasons we chose Carrickalinga to buy a house was not only the magnificent beach but that it was dog friendly, To make all dogs be on leads every single day is appalling. I have seen one dog attack in 5 years and that was with 2 dogs on leads. We would be so upset if this decision went ahead that we would seriously consider leaving the area as one of the fantastic pleasures of this beach is walking with our dogs and other residents with their dogs off lead. We would like to know why this proposal has been submitted. I hope it is not because of the ridiculous letters about dogs that have been in the local paper recently. As I mentioned before I am on the beach nearly every day and have never had any problems with dogs in fact it enhances the experience, t hope the council do not take this decision lightly and we have an opportunity to meet with the council via a public meeting.


I have been walking my three medium sized dogs on these beaches 3-4 times a week for the past 13 years that I have lived here. I avoid walking them at Normanville and Carrickalinga on the long weekends and school holidays as it is too busy. But at other times of the year the pleasure of walking dogs off lead is good for me and my dogs, keeping everyone healthy. I have rarely encountered trouble, quite the opposite as socialised and exercised dogs make happy dogs, I support some of the changes in respect to increasing the population of Hooded Plovers and think that the restrictions in the spring/summer months may help breeding, I don’t support the restrictions though regarding some of the times and places. Normanville Beach- in the autumn/winter months when there are no plovers, this beach is frequented mainly by dog walkers. On any given day there may only be one or two people down there at a time. Your new map shows that the dogs on leads applies to an extended area which I feel is unnecessarily long and I see no reason why the current 100 mtr rule needs to change. A number of residents (e.g. older/disabled often with older dogs chose to let their dogs have a run around in the currently allowed area near the Bungala outlet and the extension on your map would not enable them to do that.


I am a local ratepayer owning & residing part time at [ ] Carrickalinga. I have just today learnt of proposed controls being imposed on dogs on Carrickalinga beach & strongly object to any restrictions for dogs on any part of this beach. One of the reasons we purchased our property at Carrickalinga was to have access to a beach to exercise our dog. In the nearly 10 years we have resided there we have not experienced one dog related issue. I am aware from recent reports in the Yankalilla News that there is one person who has alleged an attack on her dogs & I think this was on Normanville beach, not Carrickalinga. Can the Council please advise me what is the motivation behind these proposed changes. It seems to me that a very small minority may be trying to impose their wishes on a vast majority of caring & responsible dog owners. I also object to not being advised of these important proposed changes & to hearing of them third hand in passing. I note that there are also proposed changes to many other beaches in the district & presumably people involved in these areas have not been advised either. I also note that there are no proposed changes to Carrickalinga north beach & would appreciate Council advice on the logic of treating these beaches differently. I ask that Council please note that I & my family & many of our friends in the area feel very strongly opposed to this proposed change at Carrickalinga beach & I would appreciate the opportunity to express these views & debate the changes in person with the appropriate Council representatives. Could you please advise on this as early as possible as I believe the period for so called consultation may end soon. Could you also please advise me the name & contact details for our local Council member so I can make them aware of the strength of our views on this matter.


New bylaws are too strict for a beach that is considered to be in a rural area. We have taken our dogs to this beach for years knowing that we can enjoy having them off-leash but in control at all times. Passing this law would impact many residents and would make tourists reconsider their options as there is no freedom for dogs to enjoy the beach



I think it is preposterous to impose permanent on-leash times for dogs, even in off peak times, for all beaches in the Yankalilla district. I believe similar measures should be adopted as tor the city beaches, such as dogs being allowed off- leash during non peak times, including non-daylight savings times. Once daylight savings starts, dogs must be on a leash between 10am and 6 pm, for instance. I do not own a dog but have a young family and we actually often go to the beach to meet dogs, and our friends who own dogs, and find it really great to share the beach with our four legged friends. We have never had a problem at Carrickalinga with dogs on or off leash.



Hi, I’m not a dog owner or a doggie person but I really enjoy watching the dogs carry on on the beach, It’s part of the whole beach experience. I think that making this stretch a leash only area is very harsh and I feel sure that a more tailored solution could be reached, for example restrictions at certain times of the day or during peak holiday times.


As a holiday rental home owner, many of my guests are dog owners who seek out my place as it is pet friendly. The proposed leash only area for Carrickalinga beach would have a chilling effect on my business. Please don’t make this area leash only.



I have a dog and I am a ratepayer. I use the beach between Carrickalinga Creek and Haycock Point every weekend to exercise my dog & sometimes Lady Bay. It is a small dog and because we live in the city this is the best chance we have for my dog to be off-lead. However, even in the city the beaches are less restricted than those proposed by the Council, Please do not institute this by law it is not required.



With regards the proposed unilateral action of requiring all dogs to be on lead at all times on the Carrickalinga beach I am in total opposition. It would appear to be a draconian step to lake and adversely impacts the majority of people that I know who have properties in Carrickalinga…. In my experience there are seldom many people utilising the Carrickalinga beach outside the main summer period. At times on the weekends in winter the only people we have seen on the beach are dog walkers and we have never In the past five years had any issue of concern with other dogs. I only found out about the proposed change by word of mouth and am concerned that the Council has not made the


[Myponga] beach is a small beach with few visitors where dogs are normally not a problem . Most dogs using the beach are owned by residents who live close to the beach and us it as a backyard. The hours you suggest are unreasonable considering metropolitan beaches dogs in daylight saving hours are dogs allowed before 10am and after 8pm . Please reconsider.


As an owner and a NON DOG OWNER of a property as Carrickalinga I am absolutely dismayed at the proposed changes to the off leash rules pertaining to the Carrickalinga beaches. Having used those beaches constantly in all seasons I have never experienced any trouble with the off leash dogs or their owners. For the majority of the year the beach is practically deserted, the exception being from Christmas Day to near the end of the school holidays. During the busy times there are rarely any dogs off leash and certainly not in the heat of the day. The proposed changes do not take into consideration the following it there is no consideration as to the majority of the time when the beach is virtually empty. even on the city beaches AT BUSY TIMES there are times during the day that dogs may be off leash, during winter when the creek cuts off access to the beach towards Normanville,there is no way that dog owners would be able to have their dogs off leash. The majority of the dog owners are in fact owners of property in Carrickalinga, having chosen to be there due to the existing off leash by laws and are RATEPAYERS.


For many years dogs have been allowed on Myponga Beach as long as they were under effective control. To my knowledge this has never been an issue, with the exception of one rogue owner this year. Changes to the on leash laws won’t resolve that particular problem. Myponga Beach is a small community who respect the environment. Part of that wonderful community spirit is allowing our children and our dogs to enjoy the beach too. I strongly feel changing the dogs on leash zone on this beach will not have any effective benefits. BirdLife Australia and other nature groups would have us believe that dogs are impacting on the hoodies when really it is our human activity that makes them more vulnerable. Because these birds nest in a particularly shallow sand nest they are as vulnerable to children wandering as they are dogs. Dogs on the beach seem more interested in the shoreline and being where humans are, Please don’t change the lovely laid back country feel of this beach and community.


I can’t understand why the extended restrictions at Carrickalinga South apply all year. Surely there is no need for them to apply in the off season? Often there is absolutely no one else on the beach when I am walking my dog there. It seems ridiculous for her to need to be restrained then. She loves to swim and how can she do that on lead?


please leave beach access as is, it is used by family minded people who love and care for it. This kind of activity is healthy and been enjoyed for decades all over this great state of South Australia


1 am unhappy with the restrictions to walking my dog off lead on the south beach at Carrickalinga – I understand that the proposal is to make that beach an area where dogs need to be on lead at all times and for the entire year. I have problems

“urban” beaches of the City of Charles Sturt, including the major Adelaide beaches of Henley, Grange and Tennyson ( – click on “Where does my dog need to be on leash?); and 2) if will be nearly impossible for many people (think older people) to get south of the river to where they can legally walk their dogs off-leash for most of the winter as the river runs lo the sea at that time and is difficult to cross. Personally I can see that it makes sense to put dogs on lead during the peak of the summer, during the day, as this beach gets crowded with kids and families. But I can’t see that it makes sense to close the beach before 10 in the morning, and certainly not for more than the few months of peak holiday time around Christmas – at Tennyson and Grange you can walk your dog off-lead year-round before 10am (other restrictions apply during the day, depending on the time of year). And it really is important for many of us to have places lo walk our dogs over the winter – off lead – and that we are not impeded by the river, I am wondering if some of the limitations are based on wildlife in the area (thinking plovers) but as no justifications are given by the council for the rules I can only respond to what I think is correct for now. I am also not at all happy with the notification process – we only heard about this from friends who happened to have noticed this. Many of us read the local new magazine in Yankalilla but are quite certain that no notice was provided in that, even though there is a local council news section. In the future it would be very much appreciated if this sort of information about ongoing consultation appeared there as well. Thank you for this opportunity to provide feedback on this issue that I think is important, and contributes to the quality of life in this council


I was saddened to hear of proposals to prevent residents (rom allowing our dogs lo run freely on Myponga Beach. That freedom is one of life’s pleasures, for both owners and their dogs. It appears that someone called [ ] describes herself as a “Beach-nesting Birds Project Officer” for BirdLile Australia in Victoria has been lobbying for beaches, including Myponga, to be restricted to “on-leash’’. As any dog owner will know, active dogs do not get the exercise they need on leash. Perhaps [ ] means well, but it would be absurd to allow special interest groups like this destroy the amenity of our beaches. The problem seems to be hooded plovers, which nest on beaches, most of them preferring to live in Tasmania and Western Australia. Thera are many, many beaches in Australia where these birds can nest, but hardly any beaches in the Yankalilla District where dogs can be freely exercised. Bird protection societies seem to have more than fair share of nutters; it would be a great shame if they were to be allowed to ruin one or the State’s best beaches.


I am disgusted that you have made no attempt to inform me of these proposed changes. I pay nearly $2,000 in rates and expect a much better consultation process from you. One of the very pleasant things about these beaches is that one can exercise dogs on the beach off lead (except near the change rooms). This privilege is not abused by the overwhelming majority of dog owners and in more than 20 years’ experience of the beach I have not witnessed behaviour by owners or dogs that has not been acceptable to the vast majority of beach users. I strongly urge Council to postpose a decision on this matter until a much larger consultation has occurred and the proposals have been much more widely publicised and debated. As the matter stands at the moment I cannot support or agree to your proposals


These areas are minimally populated during winter months and ‘after hours’. They provide beautiful and necessary walking and exercise areas for both dogs and their owners, and are easily accessible even when the river is full therefore blocking southern access to Carrickalinga beach. The planned restrictions are more rigid even than metropolitan beaches, unnecessarily so. If restrictions MUST be instituted please consider ONLY during summer months and ONLY (at most) between 10 am and 8 pm as is the case in most metro areas


Proposed change is too restrictive. Suggest no restrictions during winter and Dogs only required to be on a lead from 10am to 7pm 150 meters either side of the main beach access for the rest of the year. The rest of the beach should be available for unleashed dogs all year round. During winter hardly anyone is on the beach so why restrict it. I think this is a fairer outcome for all beach users.


I have owned and used a property at Carrickalinga and Inman valley for over 20 years, One of the attractions to Carrickalinga has been allowing the dogs freedom in the beach. I have never seen a serious dog incident. People are aware of being responsible for their dogs. The proposed restrictions will seriously affect residents’ enjoyment of the area, it will also seriously affect the attraction of Carrickalinga as a tourist destination.


I would like to express my opposition to the proposed changes to the dog bylaws as shown on the maps in relation to the area of Carrickalinga Beach. A valid reason for this change has not been publicised and due to the number of households in this area this change would be affecting a larger number of families and their pets (including my own dogs) than say the North Bay. It also seems illogical to separate these zones (quite possibly the changing of the area to north bay if any change Is required. I have not had any negative experiences with other dogs along any of the beaches and the introduction of this bylaw would only increase ill feeling between ratepayers of the south bay and council to which we pay our rates . 1 would therefore request that this section of beach be dropped from the changes aforementioned changes


We are writing lo object to the proposed changes to the laws governing dogs on beaches at Carrickalinga. We purchased our house in Carrickalinga 10 years ago. We pay council rates considerably above those for comparable properties elsewhere, yet have no main sewerage, street lighting or green waste collection. One of the main justifications and attractions for paying these rates and purchasing our properly, was being able to enjoy the privilege of using the beaches with our dog and family (which are for most of the year largely unpopulated) with a degree of freedom unavailable on metropolitan beaches. It saddens us to think that we will no longer be able to do this which will considerably decrease our enjoyment of our holiday home. We may need to consider options other than bringing our dog when on holiday and this may limit the time we spend at Carrickalinga, As a result of that, the income we generate in surrounding businesses is likely to suffer, In time, we may choose to relocate elsewhere.


1 believe the proposed extension to the dogs on leash area at Carrickalinga South beach is totally unnecessary and unjustified. I am also disappointed that as a ratepayer for the last 6 years and a regular reader of “in the loop” I was unaware of that these proposed changes were being considered until I was talking to a fellow resident today, therefore I realise this comment will arrive past the feedback closure date, I am a dog owner and enjoy walking my 13 year old labradoodie both on and off lead on the beach. Like many of the other responsible dog owners using the beach f put my dog on lead when there are hooded plovers in the area and in the vicinity of small children playing on the beach. In my experience I have never seen any issues or problems with dogs on the beach, I would strongly request that the council seriously consider these proposed changes and carefully assess the real risks before making a decision that could affect the enjoyment of many local and visiting dog owners.


I moved to Carrickalinga three years ago. I have two well-trained dogs and have walked on the beach most days. In my experience , local people walking their dogs are polite, unreliable dogs are Kepi on leashes and I have never really seen an unpleasant incident, I understand that beaches are a shared use area, and I would suggest that the on leash laws have seasonality and times. I am often the only person on this beach of an early-morning in the winter, so I can’t really see a reason for a leash.


1 would like to express my concern at the proposal to make it compulsory to have dogs on a leash between Carrickalinga Creek and the northern headland on Carrickalinga Beach. We have been long term residents in Carrickalinga South and use the beach access at the public toilets to walk along the beach to Normanville. We have been doing this for over ten years and never experienced any problems at all with dogs not on leashes. Once again dogs, because of their easy visibility, are being targeted by the council when the council continues to ignore the greater problem to our environment which is cats. In your latest “In The Loop” you stress your environmental credentials in protecting the hooded plovers and black cockatoos. According to National Parks and Wild life Service cats in Australia kill around 250 million native birds and animals a year. You continue to allow cats to be unregistered and run free. Surely this is a far greater problem that a loose dog on a beach.


My name is [ ] I am a resident of Carrickalinga,

As a member of the community I have received word that there will could be a policy implemented, where dogs need to be on leads at all times at Carrickalinga beach. I have concerns regarding the communication of this and in fact that it could come into action.

I am writing in the request to have all the details of this policy, as I would like to action a protest to the implementation of such a policy. I believe there would be many residents that would be concerned If we were not considered to be apart of this decision.

I am the proprietor                                          As someone that   is in frequent

contact with the public I believe this implementation will negatively impact the appeal to tourism of our area.

I have first hand experience because I visit the beach on most days and have always found a harmonious relationship with the dogs and the owners that visit the beach. I see the joy of the family and their pets and I would not like to see this country town appeal being ruined by more restrictions,

1 speak on behalf of my family and myself, feel free to contact me on [ ]


Like many Carrickalinga beach goers I’ve been spending my holidays down there for the best part of 30 years. It has always been the best place in the world to relax with family and close friends, without city like restrictions. We’ve always had dogs and the most enjoyment you can get with them is walking them free on the beach.

If you restrict the ability to walk your dogs free in this area, you really do take away from the appeal of the region. It makes Carrickalinga less of the wholesome coastal area I know it to be


Just writing in to let you know I’m opposed to the dog ban on Carrickalinga beach. Please let me know if there is anyone I can speak to in regards to this.


I am writing to express my concern regarding proposed dog controls on the Yankalilla beaches.

As a dog owner, I am a frequent visitor of the Carrickalinga Beach due to the lax lead restrictions in the area and the consequent freedom it provides my dog and I —which you cannot find anywhere else in South Australia within a reasonable distance of Adelaide. I find the proposal of these restrictions unnecessary


I writing in response to proposed restrictions on dogs off leash at Carrickalinga beach …of which I have only just be notified by others that strongly oppose this legislation.

My husband and I have been rate payers in Normanville for 25 years and feel we have the right of voice to oppose this wonderful area becoming an over policed nanny suburban backwater.

The great appeal to this area is the freedom and quality of life it provides to its residents. There is no justifiable reason to restrict dogs on these beaches here and the only time you would receive complaints would be in peak tourist times ie Easter and Christmas, This is when the area’s population swells and the beaches become mildly busy. The rest of the year you can literally walk from the north beach to Lady Bay without encountering a single person. Please consider embracing what this beach has to offer in terms of freedom and beauty and let those who want to restrict everyone else’s pleasure go to local Adelaide beaches which are constricted by the fun police


We wish to strongly object to the proposal for dog leads. We are Yankaiilla rate payers owning a holiday house at Carrickalinga and own a dog who is always under our control. We say no to such a proposal.


I oppose the proposal to put lead restrictions on dogs on Carrickalinga beach. It is an outrageous proposal.


I am writing this email to voice our concern at the proposal to ensure all dogs are on leashes on Carrickalinga beach.

We bought our property at [ ] 9 years ago and have enjoyed every minute we have spent down there. One of the reasons we looked to buy at Carrickalinga in the first instance was that our two dogs could run and swim off leash, which they have happily done for all these years. Quite often we are the only ones on the beach with our dogs.

We have never been involved in any altercation with any other residents or their dogs while walking on the beach nor have we witnessed any altercation between other parties walking their dogs.

I am a little perplexed as to why Council would want to introduce such a policy. I have never heard of anyone complaining about dog issues on the beach. We see many, many families walking with their dogs, throwing balls in the water for their dogs to retrieve and it brings great joy to see families enjoy their pets in this way. Why would Council want to stop this?

Please pass on our concerns at your next meeting, which I believe is on Friday.


My name is [ ] and I write in opposition to the proposed dog controls on Carrickalinga beach.

I regularly visit the beach with my dogs and appreciate ail tire area has to offer. I write to express my desire for the current laws to remain the same,


I frequent Carrickalinga beach weekly with my dog, have never once experienced any sort of misbehavior or in­discipline and, in undertaking these walks, have developed a strong feel of community with others within the Yankaliila council district.

I strongly oppose the proposal to put lead restrictions on dogs on Carrickalinga beach, and would be sincerely disappointed if such an outrageous and prohibitive proposal were to go ahead,

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