Holiday Congestion in the Air


My internet connection, always a shade dodgy, gets terrible during the Christmas holidays, almost certainly because there are people around here who have holiday shacks, to which they bring their children, who spend their days downloading “entertainment” via Spotify and other things.

The little rotters should be outside running up and down sand dunes imho.

My chap at Telstra has emailed me with what his technical people say:

“Located in poor/ marginal Coverage in ID as well as OD coverage

CPSHMM2, LTE 700n is in service

Checked from 1/10 to 10/10  connects to LTE 700 only  and  after 7th connects to CPSHLM2 /FM2 COMPASS HEIGHTS    3G/4G 700 NETGEAR AIRCARD 810S

Now the device only connect to LM2/NM2 only . This is the reason for slow connections. As 3g carry high traffic.

Confirm the device set up < LTE 700performance wit in the specification. Thanks

Checked data logs for 20/12/16 and is now showing device connecting back to LTE. “

My chaps at Telstra does not really have any idea what this means. Neither do I. Is LTE, whatever that is, a good thing? Could/should I train my modem to snuggle up to the LTE? Would the LTE mind?


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