Boxing Daze

rainyIt was 40.9 degrees C here at Myponga Beach yesterday, according to my weather station. But I woke up today to wind, rain and a less balmy Boxing Day 18.

There is something a bit odd, for someone brought up in the Northern Hemisphere, about Christmas happening mid-summer.  In the North, Christmas was of course the pagan mid-winter festival of Yule until it got highjkacked by the Christians.  The silly red Father Christmas suits look even sillier than they did at home when their synthetic threads sparkle like Babycham in the sun. Reindeers are not the sort of thing one finds in the wild around here. And of course, a big roast bird with lashings of brussels sprouts and walnut stuffing, followed by Christmas pudding with brandy butter, is not really what one longs for mid-summer.

And so here at the Phenlry, we had scallops as a starter and then lobster with salad and new potatoes. Louise, having collected some wild flowers from around the property the other day, brought some roses from her shop for the table. This morning, unsurprisingly, the house still smelled a bit fishy.  More surprising was that that smell was rather pleasant, especially when mixed with the smell of the roses and some freshly baked bagels.

Happily for her family, but less happily for me, Louise has now headed off to the UK for 3 weeks.

I have a stack of tasks in  my “to do” list. But right now, I feel a bit dazed.




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2 responses to “Boxing Daze

  1. Robert McCoy

    Happy Christmas Robert! Hope your’e well.

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