Dr Johnson’s Dancing Dogs

couplerWhat with the Super Moon event, I bought a coupler which allows me to take photographs through my telescope. I though it might be fun to photograph the super moon.

I am not sure I have got the riding of it so far. Here is a picture of a farm building about 3 miles away.


grain-storeAnd here is one of the grain store at Ardrossan, which is on the Yorke Peninsular, about 70 miles away on the other side of the St Vincent Gulf. It is not, to be honest, very distinct. But, as Dr Johnson might have said, the remarkable thing is not that it is well done, but that it is possible at all to take a photograph of a building that is 70 miles away.

Meanwhile, the moon has been stubbornly hiding behind night cloud cover.

PS 24th November 2016:

On a slightly clearer day, it is possible to make out rather more distinctly the grain store 70 miles away, set against the hills behind it:



turbinesIt is also just about possible to see the wind turbines on Starfish Hill, which is about 17 miles away further down the Fleurieu Peninsular; they stand out in white against the blue sky. Happily, that is far enough away that I do not suffer the noise pollution, nor any of the adverse health effects of the sub-sonic waves that these things emit.  There is some evidence, I think, that these sub-sonic waves are very bad news for whales, since they interfere with the whales’ navigtation system. Meanwhile, the blades are obviously very bad news for the birds, which regularly get chomped up.



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2 responses to “Dr Johnson’s Dancing Dogs

  1. Colin

    Place a tortilla on tne window at night. It is as good a super on as you will ever get.

  2. Or read a newspaper in Adelaide from the space station. I have heard this can be done and being the mug that I am, I believe it. Well, sort of believe it. Maybe.

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