The Black Order of the Hooded Plover

shipWhat was this chap doing just off Myponga Beach over the weekend?

Perhaps it had been chartered by the Beach Nutters, who had agents on board armed with rifles with telescopic sights? Perhaps they were planning to kill anyone with the temerity to take their dog for a walk on the beach?

The hooded plover is an evil pest, not because of the poor animal itself, but because of of the messainic creed of those who want to persuade it to move from Tasmania (where they bred like rabbits, and where they seem to be perfectly happy) to the Fleurieu Peninsular.

If I were a hooded plover (I am not, so this is a bit far-fetched) I would not touch the Fleurieu Peninsular with a barge pole. Too many Beach Nutters. They probably want to tax the unwitting avians.

Anyway, we kept Perdita away from the beach until the suspect vessel was well out of sight.



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