The Neo-Clergy Against the Wall

jc2In some parts of the world, old-style religion based on what might have been said by someone the millennium before last still holds sway.  But it most parts of the western world, it is now the neo-religions, staffed by a neo-clergy, which have had the more impact.  There are several overlapping sects; in (roughly) chronological order, we have

  • The Unilateral Disarmists
  • The Feminists
  • The Global Warmists[1]
  • The Refugists.

The neo-clergy preach, not from old fashioned pulpits, but through the modern media.  They pack the press galleries of the western world. Inherently hostile to the notion of doing anything for profit, they prefer to work for governments or, even better, charities or NGOs[2]. They have all but wiped out dissent in the teaching professions.

The basket of their ideas is typically a shared one, particularly as to what are regarded as transgressions in their prayer books.  Thus, for example,

  • Nuclear power
  • Fracking
  • Border controls
  • Control of public expenditure
  • Freedom of employers to choose who to employ

Are all regarded with hostility. Instead we have been seeing sort of “thought policing”, rather later than George Orwell predicted.

Their rise can be traced back to the 1960’s. Since then, they have had a fair bit of success. But here is the thing.  They spend quite a bit of time preaching to each other. They are hugely prone to confirmation bias. They have left a lot of people behind.  People who are not entirely stupid (however much they are ridiculed by the neo-clergy). There are a lot of people who can tell that they are being lied to, condescended to

Take this meme, which was doing the rounds before the US election:


It is not true. It is a piece of proselytising, presumably by a supporter of Hillary Clinton. It is of a piece with similar traducing of George W Bush, with wildly inaccurate predictions of global doom by Al Gore and Tim Flannery, of misleading assurances about how the UK joining the Common Market (as it then was) would not in any way affect the UK’s independence or sovereignty[3],  and much much more in the same vein.

And there are a lot of people who do not like being preached to in this way.

That is why the UK has voted for Brexit.

That is why the US has voted for Trump.

And unless the neo-clergy start to behave with rather more honesty and with rather less arrogance, the revolt against them is, I suspect, likely to continue.

And why, despite having a bevy of ne0-clergy around him, Jeremy Corbyn will never be Prime Minister.



[1] This sect has preferred to be known as the Climate Change Lobby, to accommodate the inconvenience that there was no global warming between 1999 and 2015. Now that the 2016 El Nino has kicked in, and we have seen a bit of a resumption of temperature rises, perhaps they will want to reclaim their former flag?

[2] Others of them prefer not to work at all, but to live off “benefits”. Even that term is loaded. Such payments might benefit the recipients, but hardly the people whose earnings are taken by way of tax in order to be so sanctified.

[3] See eg

There are some in this country who fear that in going into Europe we shall in some way sacrifice independence and sovereignty. These fears, I need hardly say, are completely unjustified.

Per Edward Heath in a television broadcast in January 1973



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