Triple Bump

Some clients solicitors sent me a “secure” USB. It crashed my work desktop. Admittedly, that machine was already a bit dickey with a suspect motherboard, so maybe it was not entirely the USB’s fault (it worked OK on an old laptop). Anyway, now that machine is in the shop being fixed.

Massive storms continue here. A 9 hour power cut yesterday, so no internet connection at all then.  Worse is foreshadowed tonight, and the house is shaking a bit in the wind.  My dam has overflowed.

Meanwhile my internet connection (when there is power) varies between 20 Mbps in a good moment to 1 or less at other times.

Happily, I have hard copies of stuff to work with. And a wood fire. And candles. And bottled gas to cook with. And acoustic guitars.  And wine in the garage. And a loving Perdita dog. Could be a lot worse.



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