The Government makes us Fat

Just watched a very interesting programme on SBS on how important bacteria are to controlling our weight.  The less the diversity of the bacteria in our guts, the fatter we get, they say.  I think they are right.

It is notable that most of the problem is the governments around the world. Viz:

  • They pay for doctors to prescribe antibiotics. It is hard to resist the conclusion that antibiotics reduce biodiversity in our bodies, and hence make us fatter. A handy fix, but at the cost of our health.
  • Here in Oz they ban raw cheese. Totally potty. Really smelly cheese is exactly what we need for biodiversity in our guts.
  • Dog bans are everywhere. But dogs are a really good source of healthy bacteria. Really dumb.

There is an interesting thought. Why are French women relatively thin, notwithstanding lots of fat in their diet? Whilst their American, Oz and NZ counterparts are so much fatter?  Could it be because the French allow dogs in their cafes, and pretty much everywhere else? And because they eat unpasteurised cheeses? And a lot less processed food?  Whereas the Americans, Australians and Kiwis are obsessed by hygiene and pre-packaging?

I am all for the natural stuff. Stay clear of antibiotics and processed stuff.  The problem is that when I get on a plane, it is all zapped to death. Like a MacDonald’s hamburger that is immune from rotting for many days. Good for selling burgers. Bad for the waistline.

At the good end of the scale, I reckon, is dry-aged beef. It sits for months in a cabinet, developing a sort of mould on the outside. Most of this mould is cut off before cooking. But the taste suggests that a lot of the very small wriggly stuff ends up in one’s tummy. Yum.


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