Dog Days and Plane Days

wp_20160914_002A fair hunk of my time recently has been spent on aeroplanes, instead of at home with my dog.  Right now, I am in Santiago, for the third time this year. The first was for the DRBF Conference, and this trip it is just passing through (both ways) from the SCL Conference in Sao Paulo.

Myponga Beach to Sao Paulo is a fair old haul. In terms of miles, it is closer than London, but here’s the thing. I drive to Adelaide airport (an hour). I wait for a plane. I fly to Sydney. More waiting. Then across the Tasman to Auckland. Ditto. Then across the Pacific to Santiago.  Ditto. Then over the Andes to Sao Paulo. A bit of immigration control, which was not too bad at all. Then a taxi between the airport and the venue (allow 1 ½ hours, said the hotel). 2 ½ days at the conference, barely seeing the city outside the conference hotel, and then the whole thing in reverse. So in time terms, the journey is about the same as to London (just one plane stop on the way to there)

This is sandwiched between a trial in Melbourne and a trial in Darwin. And after trips this year to London, Brussels, New York, Houston etc, and then the earlier trip to Santiago. And of course, Brisbane etc…

Not good for carbon footprint, one might say. Nor one’s health.  Even in Business Class, aeroplanes are cramped things, and incubators for bugs.  Although I have noticed that the more one travels, the more one builds up a sort of immunity to the multiple ailments that aeroplanes like to dish out. But the technology is not yet there for a real substitute for actually meeting, talking, listening and generally interacting in the flesh with the best construction lawyers in the world. Not to mention catching up with old friends in the construction law world.

I wish, of course, I still had a wife, who would care for Perdita while I am away. The poor creature misses me, I think, to judge by the welcome when I get home. Sometimes, Louise can look after her, which she loves, but sometimes not.

What she would really like is to come with me.  And to jump in hotel pools arounds the world while I work.  Fat chance of that, I fear.


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