gotthardThe opening ceremony for the Gotthard tunnel, in Switzerland but intended to connect Germany to Italy, was weird.

Seriously weird.


But this is interesting. The longest tunnel in the world – with huge potential impact for trade among European countries – is not an EU project.

Switzerland – perhaps the richest country in Europe, and surrounded by it – is not in the EU.

Not as rich per capita perhaps as the Channel Islands.  They are not in the EU either. Nor, as has been trotted out umpteen times recently, is Norway – with a very healthy bank balance indeed, thank you very much.

CERN, the biggest scientific project in the world, is situated in the heart of Europe, but is not an EU project.

The notion that European success is dependent on the EU seems to me to be decidedly dodgy.  There are pros and cons, of course, but I am not making up my mind on the basis of some shibboleth that nothing good in Europe happens outside the EU.


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