The Huffington iPost



The Editor of The Huffington Post (HuffPo as Delingpole calls it) has posted this image of an editor’s meeting there:


The text for the post was:

Notice anything about this @HuffingtonPost editors meeting?

Well, obviously, apart from the observation that an all-female team is no more balanced than an all-male team (so no room for smugness), many have noticed the absence of any black people.  And all pretty much the same age. So a bad score for diversity there.

What strikes me is the ubiquity of those girly iPads.

I bumped into some American chaps at an international conference the other day, who were using the new Microsoft Surface tablets (they all liked them, as being much more powerful than iPads); it was notable how many of them had given their old iPads to their wives or daughters.  Or tried to; wives and daughters of people who go to international conferences tend to have the latest models already.

They used to say “Real men don’t eat quiche”. Perhaps the modern equivalent is “Real men don’t use Apples”?


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