Cows in the Rain

IMGP6278The cattle on the hill opposite my house are a regular and welcome sight.

Today, it is is pouring with rain. And windy. I am fine, because I am inside, and there is a nice big wood stove I can fire up whenever I like.

But what about the beasts opposite? Are they discomforted by the rain? Some of them are lying down? Is that like a sort of protest, like a bovine sit-in?

And why is there no single noun in the English language for these animals? We have a collective noun, of course – cattle. But what about just one of them? We have subsets – cow, bull, steer, ox, etc etc but why no noun for just one of them that would encompass all of these subsets?

And why did the farmer put out all this straw this morning? Or hay? Or whatever. Being autumn, the grass has been growing, so it is quite lush.  Do the cattle not like nice fresh grass?

There is quite a lot that I do not know about country life.



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2 responses to “Cows in the Rain

  1. Colin Jarry-Ryan

    Bovine. Covers all subsets. Also stands as an adjective.

  2. Are you sure about that, Colin? I thought bovine includes not just domestic cattle, but wild antelopy things. Like the kudu:
    And anyway, is “bovine”, when used as a noun, just a shade Boris? Would you say, to your local farmer, “Excuse me, but your bovine is standing on my foot”.
    You might well be right, but I wonder why the Anglo-saxons would not have had an appropriate word?

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