We Want Paxo!

PaxoThere is not much I miss about living in England these days. Most of the good things – Marmite, The Times Crossword Puzzle, The News Quiz etc – can be had here in Australia, where it is warm and sunny.

But not BBC iPlayer.  I want to watch the Paxo Doco on the EU, but it is blocked for ip addresses outside the UK.  The BBC has even shut down VPN access.

Like many expatriates, I have paid a shedload of UK tax, not to mention many years of paying the BBC licence fee. Surely, there could be some sort of system whereby holders of a UK passport around the world could subscribe for a fee to BBC iPlayer?  There are some millions of us, and the income lost to the BBC by denying us access is considerable.

Perhaps there is some low-life commercial deal or EU directive standing in the way?



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5 responses to “We Want Paxo!

  1. Colin Jarry-Ryan

    Robert – it’s called an Android box

  2. Colin Jarry-Ryan

    Robert – The answer to your problem. Any channel: anywhere.

  3. Colin, I have things which play internetty things through the television. But how would an Android box convince the BBC that I am in the UK? When I am not?

    • Colin Jarry-Ryan

      Robert. All well and good … And forgive me for being new to this technology … but my android box enables me to watch television from anywhere in the world including subscription channels. I believe that this may solve your dilemma although I would resist viewing the seemingly endless YouTube videos of amateurs trying to explain how to use the technology.
      Mine is an MXQ Pro. It works, and well.

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