U Suck?

BushThis image has been doing the rounds this week.  Perhaps I am being thick, but I do not understand it.

It is obviously an old fake from a decade ago, as others have noted. But this one is fake loaded onto fake, in that the name IG@davie_dave has been added. Why would anyone want to claim responsibility for such a lame old canard?

Why didn’t whoever did the photoshopping remove the shadow of the cord (as seen in the original image) from Bush’s tie?

Why put replace the original framed photograph with one of Tony Blair? Not even Snopes has an answer to that!

Why does the caption say “u” instead of “you”?  Is the originator staking a claim to be stupid? Or just ill-educated? And if so, why aim at someone who is obviously smart and well-educated (Bush went to Yale and then Harvard Business School[1]), even if “u” think he was misguided in his political judgement whilst in office?

Are we supposed to believe that Bush took the photo? That he took time out of his busy schedule to set up a camera on a tripod, set the shutter setting to TIMER, rush back to his chair, pick up a telephone handset the wrong way round and then pose, as if looking thoughtfully out of the window?  And then publish it?

bushphone2Why crop the flowers out of the left hand side of the original image, thereby upsetting the visual balance?

Perhaps the answer to these questions is that whoever put this about is really just rather stupid.  But most people who are stupid surely have a sneaking suspicion that they are stupid, and assuming that this is case here, why would someone who knows that they are themselves stupid want to publish a joke suggesting that someone else is stupid? If it is supposed to be funny, I really do not get it.


[1] And is apparently the only US President to have earned an MBA[36]. Not that this is necessarily much of commendation; alumni from Harvard Business School have an unenviable track record of ruining perfectly good businesses.


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