The Lure of the Wild

WP_20160410_001I have never been keen on killing animals for fun. Regardless of whether they be mammals, birds or fish. Probably a function of having been brought up in a city? It is not that I presume to tell country people how to control the foxes that slaughter huge numbers of other animals, including chickens. Nor do I presume to tell anglers whether or how they should kill fish.

But fish hooks do strike me as particularly unpleasant things.  They are designed, of course, to assist with the killing of fish, so they are not designed for their helpful qualities.

Poor Perdita got a fish hook embedded in her flank a week or so ago.  It being Easter, she had to go to the Emergency Vet an hour away for it to be cut out with the benefit of an anaesthetic. So that was a few hundred dollars spent.

This weekend, it was a lure, with many hooks on its tail. Happily for Perdita, this one – evidently made to look like a prawn – was not embedded in her flesh, but just caught deep in the hair of her tail. Nevertheless, it took quite a quite to disentangle it on the beach, before the hooks did any more damage.

On the up side, Perdita might have saved a fish or two from a painful death.


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One response to “The Lure of the Wild

  1. You should have been a vet Robert. We have spent thousands this year, mainly saving the life of our German Shepherd from something called bloat..

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