Harrows Arrows

WP_20160409_002.jpgI saw a dart board case in a shop the other day, and bought it.

Once upon a time, back in England when I was young and went to the pub, I was OK at darts.  Not brilliant. But just about good enough to make a pub darts team.

It has taken a while to get it back.  The first time I played my son Jamie, he streaked ahead, despite not having played before. Unluckily for him, I got my eye in just in time.

I wonder if it is still possible to find a set of darts with proper feathers by way of flights?

Modern darts – of the better ilk – have very narrow barrels. All the better to make room for all three darts on the triple 20. And plastic flights that pop out for the same reason. I do not really need those things.  I feel quite chuffed by any score over 60.



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2 responses to “Harrows Arrows

  1. Colin Jarry-Ryan

    Lots of flights for fun filled nights…..

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