Dutch Courage

This is interesting. As reported in The Times:

Dutch voters overwhelmingly rejected a European Union trade and security treaty with Ukraine last night in a poll closely watched by both sides of Britain’s referendum campaign.

The No campaign won with 61.1 per cent, against 38.2 per cent for the Yes group, despite the latter being backed by all mainstream Dutch political parties.

It is the last phrase that is notable. All mainstream UK political parties (not you, UKIP) are remainians.  But the Dutch vote still went the other way. By a very substantial margin.

There are a number of mainstream shiboleths:

  • People should pay more tax;
  • There should be more government, run by more government people;
  • We should say goodbye to all power stations that are not fuelled by the sun or the wind;
  • We should say hello to lots of migrants;
  • UK should keep paying to be in the EU.

By and large, it seems that the decocratic voice is sceptical of all of these.




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