Quiz of the Day I

WP_20160401_001What is this, and why am I hoping that it will bring me happiness by lunchtime?

The answer is that it is an aerial. A Telco XPOL MIMO 3G+4G+4GX

700-2700MHz Panel Antenna to be more precise. And with a bit of luck, Anthony (“Not just the TV Antenna Experts!”) will be here this morning to fix it atop my 8 metre high aerial pole.

It turns out that my existing antenna is just dandy for getting a mobile telephone signal from the mobile phone tower just 11 km away, on the other side of the hills. But to get a decent internet signal from that same tower, a Telco XPOL MIMO 3G+4G+4GX 700-2700MHz Panel Antenna is apparently what I really need. With two cables, which will plug into the two antennae sockets at the back of my smartcradle. One to send and one to receive.

We will see.


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One response to “Quiz of the Day I

  1. I am impressed. I will be more impressed if it works: although I have no reason to suggest it will not. To be without streaming must be frustrating in the extreme although, you who seek the country life are, I assume, not surprised when you get it ( Country life, that is, not broadband) or don’t get it. Broadband, that is. I think I’ll stop now.

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