The Times is Not for Changing

timesSince arriving in Australia, I have used the BBC website as source of UK news.  It is annoying, of course, for its ridiculous proselytising about climate change and the endless ads which interrupt any video clip. And more recently for its Remainian bias.

And so I have subscribed to The Times, getting over my irrational annoyance about the paywall thing. It is fair enough to pay for good quality news.

Generally speaking, there is far more diversity of informed opinion in The Times than over at the BBC. But nevertheless, even The Thunderer is largely pervaded by the establishment view that the UK should not leave the EU.

There are pros and cons, of course.  It is really quite a complicated equation. But it is hard to ignore that there is far more spurious scare-mongering from the Remainian side than the Brexiters. That is not a conclusive reason for voting to leave.  They could be right for other reasons.  But it does make one yet more suspicious of the Remainian case.

There is a natural assumption that change is more dangerous than the status quo. In this case, I suspect the opposite. There is a real prospect that continental Europe is just at the start of massive immigration problems, Southern Europe being more or less indefensible. The recent barking mad Turkey deal suggests that the powers that be in the EU are not being remotely realistic. And so the safest place for the UK to be is probably as far from the EU as possible, in political terms.

Years ago, I voted to join the Common Market. But the EU has turned into something quite other: a political experiment that currently is on track for disaster. So it is probably best to get off the train before the crash. The EU train is not on any course that we signed up for.

Experience seems to show that trade deals are almost always better than protectionism. But leaving the EU would facilitate the UK’s world trade, not harm it. I say “Nien, danke” to the EU’s invitation to closer political union, and “Hello again” to the rest of the world.


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