Curly red writing

Bristol Pin-Scroll-01There are those who reckon that a Bristol is just about the best car in the world (albeit currently in hiatus). A lot less flashy than a Rolls-Royce, of course, but a lot more beautiful. A lot less speedy than a Ferrari, but a lot more comfortable. And much more important, in much better taste than any of the “brands” that spend a fortune on the sort of advertising that evidently reaches footballers, drug dealers and other crooks. The most they do by way of merchandising at Bristol Cars is the occasional bone china mug, pin or somesuch.

IMGP5947Similarly, there are those that reckon that Glenfarclas is the best Highland whisky. Personally, I am an islands man (the peatier the better) but I do also enjoy both Highland and Lowland malts, and am perfectly happy to acknowledge its restrained good taste.

Wine IMGP5948wise, Penfolds make Grange, which some people reckon is the bees knees if what you want is an eye-wateringly expensive big red. I do not buy their expensive wines – I prefer to spend my money on decent whisky.

But do we notice anything about the way these businesses write their names?



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