Hare Today

HareFor some reason, hares have always seemed to me to be a cut above rabbits. I did not resent at all a visit this morning.

But is there any reason for this? If so, I have no real idea what it might be.

There are those who would get out a rifle, and bang!  But I have no interest in killing them, notwithstanding that they are regarded locally as a pest.

RooKangaroos are a little less welcome. As joeys, they are quite cute.  We used to have them in my law office; one of my partners was into animal rescue. She explained that the basic equation was that about half of kangaroors are females, and the females carry a joey about half of their lives. So if a kangaroo is hit by a car on the road (not that uncommon a sight) there is a roughly 1 in 4 chance that there will be joey in its pouch, and the joey is often unharmed by the impact.  Well, apart from the harm associated with being orphaned. But Kerry was a great surrogate mother, and used to bring them in to the office. Most of the time, they slept in their bags, but when they woke, I would sometimes carry them around on my arm, baby style, as I was dictating. They liked the bouncing motion, I think.

Grown up, kangaroos have a reputation for killing dogs.  They get up on their tails, apparently, and rake the dogs’ stomachs open with their rear claws. They seem to have no difficulty hoping over the fence to get in or out of my property.

Strange weather here at the moment. Rain interposed with really quite warm days.  Watching the distant rain, out in the gulf, is good.



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