Corbynistaism – Time to come out of the Closet?

JeremyC.jpgI rather like Jeremy Corbyn. In many respects, of course, he is barking mad. The notion that the appropriate immediate response to a terrorist who is busy murdering as many people as he can possible manage in an English High Street with his automatic weapon and an armful of ammunition is to reach out in a non-violent way is, of course, totally potty, and a fundamental abnegation of the responsibilities that attach to high office.

Given the reins of power, he would very probably reduce the financial state of the country to something approaching the parlous fate of Greece in short order. So that is a negative for him.

And noone in the public should wear such frightfully naff clothes. Crumpled would be fine. A bit worn out would be fine. But these garments should never have seen the light of day in the first place.

But he is courteous, and appears to be a pleasant chap, in a Quakerish sort of a way. And I have a feeling that he is not all wrong. Despite the fine oratory of Hilary Benn, hurling more bombs at the Middle East is not smart, so he is probably right about that issue.

And now it turns out that he might well be a climate change sceptic, which would put him in a highly honourable band of those who resist groupthink and look at the actual evidence.  The Independent reports this a propos of his openly sceptic brother Piers:

Asked about what his brother’s views were on climate change in an interview with The Independent in the summer, Piers said: “When we have these conversations at Christmas, his sons say, ‘Dad, why don’t you go along with uncle Piers.

“I can tell you what he says, but I don’t know if it’s advisable. Put it this way, he’d rather say nothing and carry on getting support from various greenies.”

Jeremy has no prospect of winning a general election. He might as well come out of the closet?


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