Myponga Garden 0

It would be good to have a bit of a garden here at my new Myponga Beach abode. At the moment, there is, well, pretty much nothing.

Prospects are a bit limited by the fact that there is no mains water here, and no bore. I have a dam. Query whether it will be dry by the end of the summer?

GrassFirst step is a bit of grass. I bought a slab of buffalo grass from Bunnings, and am watering it. With a bit of luck, it will take, and then spread.

I was both discouraged and daunted by a good walk around this weekend of the garden of my friend Deb at Mandalay. Her garden is fabulous. It is the product of huge amounts of attention (including its own desalination plant) over many years. They have fabulous weddings there. But it also contains many native plants which are apparently able to cope with no water apart from what falls out of the sky. So that’s good.

My ambitions here are not grand. But I would like a few roses, some wisteria, a good dollop of lavender, some grass to walk on – stuff like that. And some native plants. Even a hedge or two, if that is not asking too much…




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4 responses to “Myponga Garden 0

  1. Yes, ha ha, the immediate effect of my watering is indeed to encourage the weeds around my small patch of grass. Hopefully, the grass will soon flex its vegetable muscles, and burst out in a fit of all conquering celebration and colonisation. We will see!

  2. You may find that grass is not something you can have in your climate.
    You may want to invest in a waterbutt though. That way you can collect rainwater of your roof and hold on to it for when needed.
    Also. Consider doing a little research on xeriscaping if water is an issue for you.

    Good luck! B-)

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