Country Living III

There are birds here, which I like. In the late afternoon, the wedge tailed eagles tend to visit. So far they have yet to land in my garden; I have seen both rabbits and hares whilst driving down the road down to the beach, and the eagles are probably more interested in that sort of thing.

Various hues of parrots swing by the garden and the dam regularly though: white cockatoos and black cockatoos, various multi-coloured sorts I have yet to identify, and of course galahs. I have a sort of swift effort that apparently lives in my woodworking shed. And lots of magpies and other crows.


Photo: Louise Woodhouse

Panama with Perdita

Photo: Louise Woodhouse

Ducks take up occupation of the dam, I am told, but I have yet to see them. Maybe Perdita is off-putting for them? Perhaps I could install a duck island in the middle of the dam for them?

On the hill opposite, there are bulls. Yesterday, I noticed with the binoculars a kangaroo among them: they seemed mutually indifferent. The neighbours tell me that the kangaroos are almost certain to come and strip my citrus bushes by the house sooner or later. Not sure what to do about that. There is little point in having ornamental bushes that are surrounded by posts and mesh.



Photo: Robert Fenwick Elliott

Here is one of the eagles this evening, looking for a lovely drop of hare:

Andf here are a couple of galahs:




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2 responses to “Country Living III

  1. neville

    we look very much forward to visiting in die course.The images are splendid !

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