PM Tension

It looks like Australia might well have a new Prime Minister within the next few hours.

As I have remarked before, Tony Abbott is not quite so mad as he looks. And his challenger Malcolm Turnbull is a bit of a climate change nutter. Which is why he got deposed by Tony Abbott as Liberal Party leader a while ago.

Nevertheless, Malcolm is the chap. He can utter a complete sentence without hesitation, deviation or repetition. And he is capable of consigning the Labor Party to many years of electoral oblivion. Which would have a sort of symmetry, given the recent election of Jeremy Corbyn to Labour Party leadership in the UK (which was akin to voting the Austin Maestro as Best Car Ever, and calling the move “progressive”).

And the utterly delightful Julie will remain as Foreign Secretary. Or whatever they call it here. And as deputy Prime Minister. She has apparently explained to Tony that the does not have the numbers. Perfect. It is brilliant to have a woman, hugely competent, clever and anti-feminist, in a position of such influence.


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