Some Blasted Heath (others will doubtless do likewise)

ted-heathThere has been a good deal in the news this week about allegations of child molestation by Sir Edward Heath.

It is impossible to know for sure if these allegations have any substance. There is an element of improbability about the whole thing; he was self-evidently such a prig and a prude that it is difficult to imagine him getting up to anything particularly salacious.And anyway, at the relevant time, the entourage around him would have made it virtually impossible for him to engage in anything particularly nefarious.

Since he is dead, Sir Edward is entirely unable to defend himself. Since the police have invited anybody who thinks that they might have been molested by him to come forward, there must be a real prospect that every nutter and her dog will be stepping forward with allegations, perhaps with the thought that the might be some sort of compensation in all of this.  And it is for sure that a number of socialist leaning journalists have been, and will continue to be, stoking up all the scuttlebutt they can manage for political reasons.

There have been one or two examples recently of entirely baseless allegations of this sort – against Lord McAlpine for example. My guess is that it that sometime in the future, we will look back on this period with horror, much as we now look back at the absurd witch hunts of the past when entirely innocent women were not infrequently persecuted, and sometimes killed.

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