Known Unknowns

Adelaide hillsSo, I have sold the matrimonial home in Adelaide, with a leisurely settlement date, and it is time to find somewhere else to live.

Some things are knowns. I do not need to go to an office in town every day; most of my work can be done anywhere with a decent internet connection and telephone line, or involves getting on an aeroplane. I do not want to be shut in a small box in town. But neither do I want to go so far away that I never get to see the teenagers.

Can’t go west, that is all sea. Can’t go north, obviously. So it is the hills to the east or south. There are 2 good roads, the Freeway which goes to Mount Barker to the east, and the Expressway that goes to McLaren Vale in the south.

I have started looking, and there are some houses with lovely views. I think I would find a view cheering. Bizarrely, it seems that properties with 50 acres or so are no more expensive than properties with no acreage at all. I don’t mind the idea of having some acres; it is a guarantee against unwelcome neighbours. But I am conscious that there is a lot that I do not know about what 50 acres means in practice. That is a lot of grass to mow, so my mind turns to animals. But what would be the least trouble? Sheep perhaps? They appear to eat grass. But even they need some looking after, presumably, and even more so would cattle? Could I do a deal with the local farmer? Or what about agisting horses? What about alpacas? They don’t look too much trouble, but I have a sneaking suspicion that they might be rather stroppy animals. And what about water? How much water to these animals need to drink? Do I need a dam?

And what about trees? Most houses with nice views are surrounded by open ground, but some of the houses have quite a lot of trees on the property. Their branches come down fairly regularly, presumably? Perhaps I need to sharpen my skills at using a chainsaw?

All of these are known unknowns, as Donald Rumsfeld would say. I find myself living in interesting times, as the Chinese would say.


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  1. Having lived the past forty years in the hills, I can pass a few opinions if you wish or value them. However, uninvited, I would suggest that you do not want fifty acres and any animals you would not spend the evening in front of the fire with are best left with someone else. Further advice will cost you a good red.

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