The No Sex Game

BreakThis is quite a fun dinner party game. You have to identify the three most wonderful physical sensations you ever experienced. Apart from sex, of course. Otherwise, most people would include sex.

It is surprising how often the same things crop up: scuba diving on a coral reef, riding a decent motorbike through country roads and that sort of thing.

Of the sports, rugby crops up quite often. Playing rugby at a reasonable level whilst the teenager is hugely satisfying. When I was at school, I used to play rugby every afternoon of the week during the Michaelmas term. Except for Thursdays. On Thursdays, we had to put on army uniform and do army things all afternoon. I was quite fit in those days; I used to do boxing training before the game of rugby, and then go for a run after it. On Saturday afternoons, we played matches against other schools. On Sundays, we used to just train.

More recently, I have enjoyed watching my sons playing rugby. Whilst he was here in Australia, my older son Charlie played for his school, and his club, and the State at under 18 level. Happily, my younger son Jamie has also just started playing, and has taken to it like a duck to water.

It may be that, in years to come, at a decent dinner party he might say, when asked: “Well, the sensation of making a break in a rugby match is hard to beat”.


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