Low Life

Some idiot stole my manuscript notebook of poems and songs the other day out of my car.  What possible value could it have to a thief?

I hold the socialists and anarchists to blame, for generally proposing that it is OK to steal as long as your victim has yet to prove that he/she is poorer than you,

Anyway, this song, happily, was on another piece of paper.

We might well play it next month, in Goodwood. It needs several players.

14 Lovers (c) Robert Fenwick Elliott 2015


5                             6

A             /             /                   /

She had fourteen lovers in a room upstairs

7                                         8

E                   /                   /    /

That’s two for every day of the week.

9                                         10

A                     /                 /                /

I asked her to spare me a moment of love


G                 D                 A     /

But she said I didn’t have the technique

D                 /         Bm               /

So I sold my farm and got on a plane

D                     /               E7   /

To escape from the cold and dark.

A       /                               /                 /

I started running through the heat of the sun

G6                           D                E   /

But now I’m walking through the rain in the park

G6         D               E   /

Walking through the rain in the park

G6                         D               E   ///

Yes, I’m walking through the rain in the park

She sent me a ticket to fly back home

Wrapped in a leather shroud

What about the lover? The fourteen lovers?

I’d feel all alone in a crowd.

There’s really nothing that I have to explain

Since she left me alone again,

Nothing to lose and nothing to gain

As I’m walking through the park in the rain.

Walking through the park in the rain.

Yes, I’m walking through the park in the rain.


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4 responses to “Low Life

  1. The low life is clearly aware of your brilliance and is aware how valuable the notebook will be once your fame spreads.

  2. Rather worryingly, I see that Alan has uploaded a video of the Dog Park Wranglers first concert at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2mzBQnZEzF8&list=PL74W2i_6C0eRMZywbSRJBlrDeahR7iWIa&index=3. Hopefully, the one next month will be better.

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