ghurkasThe wall-to-wall news here in Oz today has been largely about two drug-traffickers who were Australian nationals and who have just been executed in Indonesia for their crimes.

Personally, I am more concerned for Nepal, which has lost maybe as many as 10,000 wholly innocent people to a devastating earthquake.  The dead are dead – but the living need help to reconstruct the huge damage done.

Nepal has provide great service the the Commonwealth through its Ghurkas. Quite rightly, Joanna Lumley has championed their cause.  I hope the present UK government will commit appropriate aid for Nepal before the socialists take over No 10. It is difficult to avoid the fear that the SNP will require that handouts to Scotland will take priority as the price of its support for a Labour administration in a hung parliament.  Once the UK has been reduced to economic ruin, it will be in no position to help anyone, any more than other socialist basket cases like Greece.


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  1. Well said. The Nepal tragedy is far,far worse than the death of drug dealers, regardless of where they come from.

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