Late Developers

Gen DaveI looked at my old school magazine last week, which arrived in the mail. They have obituaries, so you can check up to see if you are dead. Not yet in my case.

My eye caught this, a review of the autobiography of Lord Richards of Herstmonceux, with whom I shared a prep room and with whom I played rugby. But not a classroom – although a little older than me, he was academically in the year behind.

He was always an enthusiast, and has obviously done well. But I doubt if any of us in that prep room would have picked as the one most likely to succeed.

herstmonceuxHerstmonceux has a rather a grand castle. Well, not really a castle: it was built in the 1440s by Sir Roger Fiennes to replace the old manor house, which was regarded as insufficiently imposing.

Sir Roger sounds like a man who would have had little hesitation in taking command.


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