How Green is my Folly?

ABCNature Climate Change has just published the paper Recent reversal in loss of global terrestrial biomass[1]. The main drift is that the total amount of vegetation globally has increased by almost the equivalent of 4 billion tonnes of carbon since 2003. According to the University of New South Wales:

The main cause of this strong growth over the savannas came from higher rainfall, particularly in recent years, although higher levels of CO2 in the atmosphere may have helped plants there to grow more vigorously.

So, let’s just recap. There is only a very small proportion of CO2 in the atmosphere, but that little bit has gone up a bit, and is now some 400ppm. For the innumerate, that means a bit less than a twentieth of a percent (the other 99.96% is mostly oxygen and nitrogen[2]). Plants (the things that vegetarians eat) need CO2 to grow. There is not much available for them, but every little helps. And what change there has been over the last dozen years has meant that there is about half a ton extra trees, grass, soya beans, old English roses etc etc for every man, woman and child on the planet.

So, I’d say that is a good thing.

As is the increased rainfall (although I would not be saying that if I lived in Manchester or Wales). The predictions of drought brought on by climate change have proved to be, well, how can I put this? Just plain wrong.

Instead of celebrating, the neo-religious climate activists are trying to persuade us, at enormous cost, to reverse all of this. Absolutely barking mad.

[1] Yi Y. Liu, Albert I. J. M. van Dijk, Richard A. M. de Jeu, Josep G. Canadell, Matthew F. McCabe, Jason P. Evans & Guojie Wang

[2] But also quite a bit of water. And Argon: there is more than 20 times as much argon as there is CO2. Not a lot of people know that.


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