Low Gear

TGSo. The BBC has fired Jeremy Clarkson from Top Gear. The BBC’s Lord Hall said:

Well, yes. So it is a bit hard to see what the BBC has achieved by firing him. Top Gear has been generating about £50 million a year for the BBC. The income is now almost certainly going to be lost, and will presumably now be gathered in by whichever television company hires him, and probably the other talent from the show. Jeremy Clarkson will presumably negotiate himself a pay rise on the way.  So he will not have been punished in any way; it will be the BBC which suffers.

But Oisin Tymon, the Irish presenter who was the butt of Jeremy Clarkson’s anger, will be OK. Lord Hall said:

“He has behaved with huge integrity throughout. As a senior producer at the BBC, he will continue to have an important role within the organisation in the future.”

Meanwhile, there will the dreary charade of the BBC trying to put on more politically correct Top Gear with new presenters. It will be a disaster, obviously. They have tried making both an Australian version and an American version, with other presenters, but both of those were awful, and were duly canned.

True it is that Jeremy Clarkson’s rant at a producer was very poor behaviour. But the trouble with the BBC’s response it that it will achieve nothing beneficial for the BBC, its audience or its funders, the British taxpayer.  It will, of course, be a feather in the cap of those at the BBC who never liked him anyway.  But that is not really a good thing.


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