International Gladiator

dead oliverHaving found myself watching Gladiator yesterday (I like all Ridley Scott’s films) I looked it up to see how much money they spent post-production to cope with the fact that Oliver Reed died during the filming stage.

$3.2 million, apparently. I could not spot the very brief scenes where a body double was then altered by a digitally mapped digital face.

Also remarkable is the international character of the film. Lead actors from Benin (Djimon Hounsou), Denmark (Connie Nielson) , England (Oliver Reed and Derek Jacobi), Ireland (Richard Harris) New Zealand (Russell Crowe) and United States (Joaquin Phoenix). The music was by a German (Hans Zimmer) and an Australian (Lisa Gerard). The locations were in England, Malta and Morocco.

Ironically, Italy contributed very little.


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