Chasing the Dragon

A rather underestimated pleasure, I reckon, is lying on a lilo (Note to Americans: airbed) on one’s swimming pool on a nice sunny day.  There is something calming about the way it slowly drifts around, so that the only way you can tell where you are on the pool, and which way you are are facing, is by the feel of the sum on your body and the direction of the various background sounds.

Not my dragonfly, but a dragonfly

Not my dragonfly, but a dragonfly

This is exactly what I was doing on Saturday, when I felt something surprisingly heavy land on my nose. Not expecting this, I looked up. Probably somewhat sharply. In time to see a large dragonfly resentfully take wing and head off to the other end of the pool.

With a bit more warning, I would have tried not to disturb it; I have nothing against dragonflies.

But it is the first only time in my life when a dragonfly has sat on my nose.

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