screenshot20140213atfebruary1391312pm_thumbGenerally, if something could be either cock-up or conspiracy, it is usually cock-up.

But this looks as if it might well be something else. Paul Homewood is a retired accountant who has taken to checking up on what climate scientists are doing to the historical temperature record. It does not look good.  There has apparently been widespread doctoring of the past data, reducing the recorded temperatures, in order to make current temperature look comparatively higher.

Obviously, governments like reasons to tax people. And a perception of climate change is a jolly good excuse for more tax. And climate change scientists have been raking in the grants like never before since they have been fuelling the fire. And we know since Climategate that the climate change community of climate scientists (the people getting the grants) have been working together to try to prevent any contrary view getting traction. But they are not supposed to falsify data.

Take a careful look at  It looks like there has been some serious malpractice among the climate change community in quite a number of places around the world.

There a few like James Delingpole who are onto this. But the full extent of this scandal is yet to hit the mainsteam news.


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