A Credo for Humanist Lukewarmers

Anyone who has lived in a big city like London, and who sometimes got out into the country,  will have experienced the Urban Heat Island Effect.  Only an idiot would deny that lots of human activity has a warming effect. And I do not think anyone sensible denies that carbon dioxide is a greenhouse gas. By the same token, only an idiot – IMHO – would be not be sceptical of the doom mongering of activists like Al Gore, particularly in light of  the insignificant amount of warming (if any) this century.

marlo lewisMatt Ridley is a good example of a lukewarmer,  and has just blogged a very good piece on how this goes down. He also includes a sort of a credo for those who are not neo-religious on the topic

, by Marlo Lewis. Like Matt Ridley, this seems to me to be to be rather a good summary for those of us who believe in humanity rather than doctrine:

“In general, I would describe a ‘lukewarmer’ as someone who:

I do not know anything about Marlo Lewis, except that he apparently plays the mandolin.


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