A Good Day for Bad News

Katrina DawsonAm I alone in wondering if it a little cynical for the police to wait until the newspapers are full of the terrible events in Paris before acknowledging yesterday that it was they who shot barrister Katrina Dawson in the Martin Place siege 4 weeks ago?

The perpetrator of the siege, Man Haron Monis, was armed with a shot gun.  The police who stormed the cafe were armed with high velocity rifles. The injuries caused by these weapons are entirely different , and it would have been obvious from the outset whether it was Man Haron Monis or the police who had shot and killed Ms Dawson.

It was an accident

, of course.  There might well be lessons to be learned by the Tactical Operations Unit as to whether to fire quite so many rounds in situations like these.  Or perhaps they were as careful as the circumstances allowed.  Either way, the delay in making this acknowledgement smacks of a lack of candour, which plays into the hands of those who seek to attack our freedom of speech.


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