Cougar Sleeping in a Tree

cougarSomeone (I will not say who) posted this on Facebook, on the basis that it is quite a good joke.

I agree. Not side splitting, but droll enough and perfectly harmless.

But he has been asked to take it down by a lady who described it as “misogynistic porn” and says she has “constructed my social bubble so as not to be confronted with stuff that makes me feel sick, or powerless”.

Almost everything that is funny is likely to offend someone in the world.  It would be a great shame if the world was denuded of everything that is amusing. So I am reposting it here. Where it is hopefully outside the social bubble of the lady in question.




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3 responses to “Cougar Sleeping in a Tree

  1. People around he world have looking up the word misogynistic as a result of this Facebook post. And they still don’t understand it.

  2. Damn, I thought I was doing well. Now I have to look up what philogynistic means.

    Guess I should stick to proper names of dog breeds.

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