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Robert & The Audreys (22 of 35)This is concert weekend in Adelaide.

Tonight I am going to see The Rolling Stones at the Adelaide Oval. Long story, arising out of a request for an interview by the local rag with my mate Neville.  They are all rather older than me.

Tomorrow, and stepping up a few notches in terms of musicality, I will be going to see The Audreys, who are much younger than me. Not only do I love their music, but am eternally grateful for their kindness in making it possible for me to do an EP, One Day in January, last year.  They were extraodinarily tolerant of the fact that I cannot sing.

In a smarter world, The Audreys would be playing at the Adelaide Oval, and The Rolling Stones would be doiung a charity gig at their local village hall. But life is not always that smart.


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  1. Neville Quist

    It was a lovely day in January with the Audreys and a very exciting evening with the Rolling Stones at my local footy oval . I will remember both days with affection for a very long time !

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