Pinking up the Flag

If Scotland were to leave the UK, should there be a change to the Union Flag (or Union Jack, as it is sometimes known, particularly if it flown as a jack, i.e. at the bow of a ship)? As is well known, it is a composite flag, incorporating elements from the English George Cross, the Scottish Saltire and the Irish St Patrick’s Cross.  There has been a fair bit of speculation on the point.

The Welsh did not get much of a look in for their red dragon on a green and while background. So we could just substitute Welsh green for the Scottish Saltire blue background:


Or, in tribute to the weather, grey:


Or even, in these days of a softer, kinder sort of an attitude to people’s personal relationships, pink:


Or even, acknowledging the country’s diverse ethnic mix these days, something more colourful:


There are those might object that we have not quite got rid of the white diagonal St Andrew’s cross from the Saltire in all of this, these designs also represent the white background to the red diagonal St Patrick’s cross. Most annoying to the mainland Scots might be to incorporate some yellow from the Orkney flag, as a welcoming gesture to the Orkney and Shetlands should they opt to go with Westminster rather than Edinburgh:


The Daily Mail revealed that the Government’s preferred option was a simple red on white:


union-flagBut given that that report was dated 1st April, it would be a mistake to take it too seriously, although it does look pretty smart all sewn up (sewn is so much better than just printed). So,  we might just ignore the whole thing, and keep going exactly the way we were, regardless of how the Scots vote next week.


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