Mrs Perdita Shripton at Daycare

PerditaCaptureI have been traveling recently. Whilst I was away, Neighbours A very thoughtfully took Perdita along with their own dogs to daycare on the day that Neighbours B were removing a nest of asbestos. The doggy daycare centre has just posted its video showing its canine ankle biters having a whale of a time – hours of endless romping fun. At 2.06 of the video (I would not suggest it necessary for anyone to watch the whole thing, unless of course you are on the lookout for the hilarious antics of your own darling pooch) we see Perdita, for all the world looking as if she is saying, “Have any of you children seen my copy of the Literary Review?”

It will be very good to see her again this week; one misses one’s dog whilst one is away.

(Note to Americans: This does not mean that one does not miss ones human family even more: rather that this is taken for granted for public purposes. PDA being PNG does not apply to dogs).


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