Sitting Pretty

chairI now know more than I knew last week about castors for office chairs. I had one break. So I went to replace it.

They only cost $10 for a set of 5. But you need to get the right pintel diameter.  Most modern office chairs take a 11mm pintel. I have had my office chair (which I have in my study at home) for quite a while now – I like it and it is comfortable. But here’s the thing. It takes a 10mm pintel. Go to the average office chair shop and they say “Nah, mate [sniff]. Dairn’t see vem no more. Izaw levemill vese daze.”

But here’s the thing.  The other thing.  Ikea still stick to the old 10mm standard.  This is a nuisance for people who buys chair from Ikea, and try to fix broken wheels by buying replacements from an office chair shop. That’s the snag for them  – they get the wrong pintel size.  However, quick onto the point, Ikea sell replacement packs of castors.  They do not tell you on the packet what size they are. You need a good eye to tell a 10mm pintel from an 11mm pintel, especially when the castors are sealed inside a plastic bag. But I punted my $10 and Bingo!

My old office chair is now as good as new.  At any rate, on the wheelie front.


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