Boxing Day with the Beeb

ABCThe laziest people in Australia are not the immigrant boat people, who tend to be rather industrious, but the journalists at the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, who have never bothered to check whether their adolscent crush on socialism might be long overdue for a bit of a spruce-up.  On a normal day (sun shining again –  apart from that, not much happening) their idea of “news” is to read out that morning’s press release by the Labor Party. This is annoying, since such things are tedious ill-mannered and ill-informed diatribes. However, commercial radio is even worse, and being small minded, the ABC wallahs refuse to broadcast the BBC World Service as is.

Public holidays like today, however, are great, because the lazy buggers all take the day off, and just throw the switch for all day World Service. Bliss!

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