White trash

bootsIt must be hard for some people to work out which they hate the most: Steve Jobs and Apple or Bill Gates and Microsoft.

Bill Gates made the early running in terms of his fall from grace: it seems that the nerdy youth of today will do almost anything to avoid Microsoft, which has made the transition from young upstart (it started way after Apple) to international monolith. So Apple became the favoured underdog, with its cool minimalistic design ethos inspired by Steve Jobs.

Then Steve Jobs died, and people started dishing out the dirt.  It seems that he was a complete shit, trying to disown his own illegitimate daughter, repeatedly lying to and bullying those around him, and orchestrating the exploitation of those who made his product in China.  The fact that Apple does not pay tax on its huge profits stands in stark contrast to Bill Gates’ huge donations to charity.

Personally, I cannot be bothered with Apple, partly because it is just too annoying to have to learn their different names for everything, partly because Microsoft machines tend to be more powerful, partly because, in the law, Word and Outlook dominate the office scene, and partly because I have a sneaking feeling that Apple products are about to look about as much use as a mullet.  Anyway, those ghastly silver and white laptops soon get grubby, and remind you that they always looked like an Essex girl’s white thigh-length boots.  Or a 1980s VW Golf that was all white, with white wheels and a white steering wheel.  Ughhhh!

Not that Microsoft is perfect.  I have missed two appointments in the last week or so because my telephone had silently moved them forward by an hour, presumably because of the ridiculous daylight saving thing we have here, which Windows failed to cope with.

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