The 13th Act

clip_image001I was very pleased the other day to see that the Construction Contracts Act 34 of 2013 has now been passed into law in Ireland.  The legislation was brought in by Senator Feargal Quinn as a private member’s Bill, and it is apparently somewhat rare for private members’ measures to pass their way through the legislative process in Ireland.  By my reckoning, this brings to fifteen the number of jurisdictions around the world which have now adopted a legislative scheme for the adjudication of construction disputes.  But it is the thirteenth Act, because the UK legislation covers three jurisdictions (England and Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland).  I was involved in the process of advancing the cause via the Housing Grants, Construction and Regeneration Act 1996 in the United Kingdom, and whilst the quality of the legislation has varied considerably from jurisdiction to jurisdiction, it is good to see that the undoubted benefits of adjudication are spreading around the world.

There are two particular reasons why I am especially pleased in this case.  The first is that Senator Quinn took the trouble…


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  1. Whoops! I forgot the count the Isle of Man, who enacted their Construction Contracts Act in 2004. Sorry Manxies…

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